Deep Impressions Underwater Art

Kim and Kay Vaudin – Underwater artists

Kay Vaudin and Kim VaudinWe create underwater paintings to inspire and remind people of their own personal experiences by capturing the essence of the sea.

Deep Impressions is a mother and daughter partnership. Coming from a diving background, with a BSAC 1st class diver & instructor, a commercial diver and an underwater videographer as members of the family, it was a natural progression for us as artists and divers to express these experiences on canvas.

Our paintings are for anyone who loves the sea and to encourage the next generation of divers and snorkelers.

Immerse yourself in our paintings and feel the freedom of the ocean. More

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‘Absolutely love all their paintings. I brought one at the Dive Show, I was so impressed with all the detail, quality and how beautiful all the paintings are.’

Gemma Morris

‘Something from Deep Impressions would adorn every room in my house if I could get away with it! Their studio is little piece of nirvana, one of Plymouths best kept secrets.’

Sarah Jane Jackson

‘I am a huge fan of your paintings. One or more adorns the walls in every room in our home.’

Tricia Brewer

‘Lovely! Paintings you can lose yourself in.’

Jan Mansi

‘My husband adored the painting. Thank you, we’re delighted with it.’

Karen Woods

‘A huge thanks to you both for the painting, which now sits proudly in our hall opposite the front door so it’s the first thing people see.’

Stephen Fletcher

'Kim’s painting immortalised our six month stay on Shetland both above and below the waves.'

Jeremy Pierce

‘Thank you so much for my wonderful painting. It has pride of place in my home. What a talented pair!’

Sally Langridge