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Deep Impressions Underwater Paintings

We create both detailed and abstract underwater paintings inspired by diving all over the world.

We believe that being in the sea is therapy for the soul. So we paint pictures to inspire people to venture underwater or to remind them of their own experiences.

Our aim is to provide joyful paintings for anyone who loves the sea and to inspire the next generation of divers and snorkelers.

Immerse yourself in our paintings and feel the freedom of the ocean.

Our customers often tell us how much of a talking point our paintings are and how they bring back wonderful memories. We’ve found young children particularly love finding all the hidden sea creatures in the pictures and can accurately identify them all! Our early work understandably had a particular resonance with scuba divers. Our current abstract work connects with people who love bright colours, textures and the feeling of movement. These paintings also offer a great decor solution to the modern family home.

Creating our art:

Our highly detailed underwater work can take many weeks to paint. We use hundreds of our underwater photographs as reference points. A great deal of time is taken to build up the layers on a painting. Using acrylics we construct the background and then painstakingly add all the marine life. We make sure all the creatures are anatomically correct and appropriate for each location. We’ll usually base a painting on a particularly memorable dive site or encounter. When painting an abstract piece using mixed media, we can explore many different techniques to create a desired effect. These paintings are a lot more organic with a much less predictable outcome. With commissioned work we combine a variety of elements to fulfill our client’s vision.

Kim Vaudin

Kim VaudinHow it all began:

I was overwhelmed by the fantastic colour and sealife that I saw when I first dived the Great Barrier Reef back in the 80’s. My first attempts at taking underwater photographs with my disposable camera were a total let down. The results were disappointing, at best! But I was inspired by the local art and this sowed the seed to paint my own British underwater seascapes.

Years later, I completed a two year course in Signwriting and Calligraphy at Plymouth College of Art and Design. But the urge to create paintings was irresistible. Kay and I decided to join forces and Deep Impressions was born.

It’s exciting for us to paint our home waters of Plymouth, and to show off the great marine life we have here! At 14 I did my first dive off the steps at Portelet harbour in Guernsey with my father, a 1st class BSAC diving instructor. It was these early dives that would influence my artwork for years to come. As we ventured further afield, our photographs (and cameras) improved and my partner Mike, a marine biologist, was able to contribute with a critical eye. We have been lucky to dive worldwide and continue to do so for research purposes.  See our inspiration

Kay Vaudin

Kay VaudinI have enjoyed drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and spent many hours swimming in the clear waters of our home island of Guernsey. So I was delighted when Kim suggested we join forces to start our underwater art business.

We have enjoyed many diving destinations over the years with family and groups of friends, the ‘Silvertips’. From the Maldives to the Caribbean, I snorkelled at every opportunity and was enthralled with the colour and life in the sea.

When exhibiting at shows we love talking to people about our art and always have a ‘work in progress’. People ask if I am distracted painting with an audience but I can lose myself in the moment and not notice anyone around me. As our styles are so similar we are able to exchange places and Kim will continue on my painting, much to everyone’s surprise. We create our own paintings back in the studio and once a piece is finished we have a critique. This can be quite a test on our mother-daughter relationship. But as a result we always come out the other side with a better painting.  

Our work appeals to non-divers as the paintings are full of colour, detail and include many fascinating creatures. Each time you look you see something new!

We are now exploring abstract underwater art, which has resulted in a startling difference in our styles. I love painting these free expressive works, it is exciting not knowing which direction a painting will take. I can’t wait to get back to my easel each day!

Deep Impressions Underwater Paintings

Exhibitions and shows

London Dive shows – Olympia Arena 1998-2000

Autumn Fair, Home & Gift trade show – Birmingham N.E.C 1998

International Festival of the Sea – Portsmouth 1998, 2001 & 2005

Adventure sports & outdoor show – Bath & West showground 1999

DIVE shows – Birmingham N.E.C  1998 – 2018

Spring Fair International, Home & Gift trade show  – Birmingham N.E.C 1999 – 2004

London Dive shows – Excel Arena 2001 – 2012

Duikvaker Dutch Dive Expo – Netherlands 2002

Scottish Dive show – Glasgow Arena 2000

International Festival of the Sea – Ostend, Belgium 2002

Plymouth University Sherwell Centre – solo exhibition

‘Oceanic’ an exhibition with Scott Gleed – Moray Art Centre, Findhorn, Scotland 2018

Our work can be found in Kaya Gallery on the Barbican, Plymouth.

We have our own open studio at Mount Batten in Plymouth,  all welcome!

Deep Impressions Underwater Paintings