Some of our favourite paintings, if you like a particular image we can create a similar painting for you. More on commissions.

    • LobsterLobster Print: available 
    • DogfishDogfish Original: Sold 
    • OttersOtters Original: sold

    • Leafy SeaDragonLeafy seadragon Original: sold
    • ClownfishClownfish & anemone Original: sold
    • Cuttlefish FaceCuttlefish face Original: sold

    • Manta RayRay of light Print: available
    • Three Manta RaysManta three Original: sold
    • TurtleTurtle and coral Original: sold

    • Manta RaysManta circle Original: sold
    • SeahorseSecret seahorse Original: available 
    • The WallThe wall Print: available

    • Blue AbstractBlue medium abstract Original: available
    • Abstract ArtDiagonal Abstract Original: sold
    • Seahorse PearlsSeahorses & pearls Original: sold

    • Thistlegorm WreckThistlegorm Wreck Original: sold
    • Red Sea WreckRed Sea Wreck Original: available  
    • Jake Sea PlaneJake Sea plane Original: sold