Sea Life Chess Set

Deep Impressions Underwater Art

Deep Impressions and Gleed3D

We have taken an exciting step into the world of 3D. We have combined forces with Scott Gleed of Gleed3D in producing our sealife chess set.

Scott, based in the Highlands of Scotland, is a professional designer and sculptor of international recognition. He specialises in life size, anatomically correct aquatic models which are used in education and for display. He has over 30 years experience in the 3D exhibit and design fields and has the experience and skills needed to produce our unique chess pieces.

The Chess Pieces

Our chess set is made of cold-cast resin and is produced in a variety of metallic finishes. The pieces are moulded in cold cast bronze, copper or a marble finish. Each piece is hand finished and has a felt base. It is a very labour intensive product for both companies.

Chess Piece Sizes (height approximately):

King – Cuttlefish 9 cm
Queen – Jellyfish 8.5 cm
Bishop – Octopus 6.25 cm
Knight – Pygmy Seahorse 7.75 cm
Rook – Hermit Crab 6.5 cm
Pawn – Nautilus 4.5 cm.

Designed to fit onto a board which has squares of 2.5 inches/6.3 cm.

Please contact us for prices, production and delivery times.

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