Sea Life Chess Set

sea life chess set

Deep Impressions and Scott Gleed

Deep Impressions has taken an exciting new step into the world of 3D.

Working with Scott Gleed, a professional designer and sculptor of international recognition, they have launched a full sea life chess set.

These have been produced in a variety of metallic finishes, moulded in cold cast bronze, copper and marble resin.

Full chess set: The 32 Chess pieces are produced in cold-cast resin with either marble or bronze and all pieces are hand finished.

Height of the pieces approximately : Cuttlefish King 9cm, Jellyfish Queen 8.5cm, Octopus Bishop 6.25cm, Knight Pygmy Seahorse 7.75cm, Hermit Crab Rook 6.5cm and Nautilus Pawn 4.5cm.

The chess board has squares of 2.5 inches (6.3cm) and the total board with edging is approximately 21-22 inches square. All pieces are available to order as a single model for a great ornament or gift.

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